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Don’t get burned by heatmaps

Eye tracking companies, including GazeHawk, frequently use heatmaps to present the results of a study to customers. The reason for this is simple: heatmaps instantly communicate where study participants looked and for how long. They tell you the hot spots … Continue reading

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PHP “require” Performance

We recently went through a round of performance improvements for our website, and got a significant performance boost off of a relatively small change. Previously, our code had a section at start of every page: require_once(‘include/Foo.php’); require_once(‘include/Bar.php’); . . . … Continue reading

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Come See GazeHawk at SXSW!

If you’re going to be at SXSW this weekend keep an eye out for GazeHawk. We’re thrilled to be a finalist in the SXSW Accelerator competition for Most Innovative Startup. We’ll be presenting to the judges Monday, March 14 at … Continue reading

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Our New Year’s Resolution For Hiring

Well, another year has come and gone, and it’s time for some reflection. GazeHawk has crossed a number of milestones: we’ve hired our first new team member, moved into our first office, and launched our first redesign. Looking back on … Continue reading

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Switching from SVN to Git: A Startup’s Perspective

While you see a lot of posts about large teams switching from SVN to Git, I haven’t found many discussing the transition for a small team. Since we’re a team of two who just made the leap, I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Eye Tracking vs. Mouse Tracking

When explaining GazeHawk to people we often hear comparisons to “mouse tracking” services that track where the mouse moves on a page. It’s a reasonable comparison: both technologies build heatmaps as a main visualization. However, just because they use the … Continue reading

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GazeHawk Open House Sunday

GazeHawk will be participating in Y Combinator’s distributed open house tomorrow. Stop by the 500Startups incubator space at 444 Castro St in Mountain View between 11 and 4. There will be drinks, food, and ping pong, as well as Joe … Continue reading

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Help Send GazeHawk to Speak at SXSW ’11

Needless to say we’re very passionate about eye tracking technology: it’s an incredibly powerful tool that is just now becoming affordable to individuals and small/medium business In fact, we’re so excited that we offered to speak at SXSW Interactive. ┬áNot … Continue reading

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On Accuracy

The past two days have been incredible, in no small part thanks to a terrific writeup by the folks at at TechCrunch. It’s been great to put our product out in front of people and start getting feedback from the … Continue reading


Introducing GazeHawk: Eye Tracking for Everyone

After months of development, we’re proud to show you GazeHawk: a new technology startup aimed at making eye tracking affordable for everyone. Continue reading

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