Hello, world! After months of development, we’re proud to show you GazeHawk: a new technology startup aimed at making eye tracking affordable for everyone.

We’ve always thought that eye tracking was an incredible technology – who wouldn’t want to see exactly where people look on their website? – but it always cost too much to use. At GazeHawk, we’ve developed an innovative way of solving this problem.

GazeHawk provides eye tracking services using ordinary webcams, so there’s no need to purchase expensive hardware. Our valued community of testers helps us run eye-tracking studies from the comfort of their own homes (and if you’re interested in being a paid tester, here’s a good place to get started). These steps allow us to offer professional eye tracking studies for a fraction of the price, and we pass that advantage right on to our customers.

Our goal is to find exactly how eye tracking can help you and your website or business. So please, take a look around and let us know what you think! We’re excited to hear from you.

GazeHawk provides eye tracking services using ordinary webcams. They are the industry leader in economical eye tracking, with the ability to run higher quality studies at lower costs. Learn more about their products or request additional information.
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