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Relentlessly focus on your customers: test usability

Many tech firms pride themselves on listening to their customers and fine-tuning their product based on customer feedback. Startups in particular are known for relentlessly seeking ways to better match products with customers’ needs. Many other aspects of hacker culture, … Continue reading

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PHP “require” Performance

We recently went through a round of performance improvements for our website, and got a significant performance boost off of a relatively small change. Previously, our code had a section at start of every page: require_once(‘include/Foo.php’); require_once(‘include/Bar.php’); . . . … Continue reading

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Switching from SVN to Git: A Startup’s Perspective

While you see a lot of posts about large teams switching from SVN to Git, I haven’t found many discussing the transition for a small team. Since we’re a team of two who just made the leap, I figured I’d … Continue reading

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Eye Tracking vs. Mouse Tracking

When explaining GazeHawk to people we often hear comparisons to “mouse tracking” services that track where the mouse moves on a page. It’s a reasonable comparison: both technologies build heatmaps as a main visualization. However, just because they use the … Continue reading

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